I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai where my wife and I have been
operating a pottery studio for almost 30 years.

About 18 years ago my 4 year old son wanted to start fishing. We got bamboo poles and headed to our local streams and reservoirs with earth worms for bait. We had a lot of fun until we started hooking up Tucanares (peacock bass) using baby Tilapias.

On one occasion my son was nearly pulled in. Fortunately for him I didn't know much about knots. I discovered you really need a spinning reel to safely fight those kind of fish. Our passion for fishing grew and we started reading everything we could about fishing.

As I honed my skills, we started salt water fishing for Papio (Trevally under 10 pounds) and other near shore species. I became very interested in top water plugs and started making some out of my porcelain clay body for fun. I
quickly realized some of the benefits of using a ceramic material over plastic or wood.
Mainly the increased casting distance gave me more territory to work. I was having a great time whipping from the cliffs along the south shore.

I had to upgrade my equipment to deal with the 15-40+lb. Ulua (Trevally over 10 pounds), Kahala (Amberjack), and Kawakawas (Skipjack Tuna) I was hooking up. The old timers started asking me if they could buy the ceramic lures because of my success.

I couldn't sell the early prototypes to my friends, so I put them to work as test team members. It was great for me to see these guys hooking up on my lures.

Over the the past 6 years I have been testing different formulas to improve the fracture toughness rating of my ceramic body. The lures can handle the stress of both fish and
fisherman. One of my tests is to drop a trolling head 50 times from 6' to a concrete floor nose first. The results are the lures chip holes in the concrete slab. I also started working with friend and neighbor Abram Boido, a commercial fisherman for 30 years, now residing in Kona. Abram has been a faithful tester for me and has landed tons of fish on my lures, literally!

After two years of field testing, I
asked him how my products compare to the competition and he said, "Well, I can tell you this. Your lures don't catch any more than the competition, but they sure don't catch any less."

These heads are nearly indestructible and come with a life-time

Aloha, Mark