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Mark White Lures in the News!
Hawaii Goes Fishing
Hawaii Goes Fishing visits Mark White Lures shop and takes you through the lure-making process.

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Freshwater Lures
Oama black eyes
Lab work for MWLures in Kauais magnificent interior.
Omao Large Mouth
Trying out a new color in the 1/8 oz. for Large Mouth Bass!
5.3 lb. Westside Peacock Bass
Shallow Jigging
Large Mouth Bass takes one of my ceramic 1/8 oz. prototypes, while doing some testing in my fresh water lab.
Fishing with Kristin & Ian
while doing lab work for mwlures in mountain streams in Kauai Hawaii, Kristin and Ian repeatedly hook up.
More Small Mouth Action on Kauai
Whipping 1/8 oz. markwhitelures ceramic plugs for Small Mouth Bass
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Saltwater Lures
Mark White Lures in Java
Mark White Lures test team produce good results in Java at Jungle Ulua Fishing Charters, a land based fishing camp in East Java.
Fishing Action DVD - Mark White Lures
Mark White Lures demonstrated on the Fishing Action DVD.
25.5" Omilu (Bluefin Trevally) Tag & Release
Whipping the South side of Kauai Hawaii. Cast, retrieve, hook up, screaming reel, slide gaff, tag, remove Mark Whites Ceramic lure, and safely release a beautiful fish.
Agony & Ecstacy
While casting mark white lures 3 oz. ceramic plug a big boy comes up and grabs it.
Omilu in Fiji
Whipping Mark White lures 1 oz. yellow/green black eyes.
Cloud Break Papio
While working with a mwlures 1oz. black with black eyes silver sides, on an R&D trip to Fiji
Hookup in Tavenui
While testing new colors in Tavenui, Mark White hooks up.
Tavarua White Trevally
Another Papio From the Crystal waters of Fiji. mwlures 1oz. pink with black eyes.

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